Historic Backgrounds on Culinary Arts

If you call your daughter’s first attempt at cooking stew something of a culinary art, then historic backgrounds on culinary arts would date as far back as the time when people were just learning how to make fire. Of course, they were making simple dishes then; just roasting their fresh catch over fire made by rubbing two sticks together. Today, culinary has grown to extreme heights. But all these came to be because of years of hard work and deep passion for cooking.

Historic backgrounds on culinary can be traced back to the 1800’s. Boston Cooking School, the first American cooking school, made its mark when it taught students the art of American cooking. The first cookbook written in 1896 by a student in the same school, Fannie Merrit Farmer made it as part of the historic backgrounds on culinary. The cookbook is still being used as a reference up to this date.

A series of historic backgrounds on culinary followed after a couple of years. The year 1946 signaled a new evolution in the teaching technique. James Beard’s regular American cooking lessons on TV earned him the moniker “the grandfather of the American cuisine”. The historic backgrounds in culinary arts have never been more significant than the founding of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) on the same year. The institution is the country’s first school to offer career-based courses on cooking.

Julia Child invaded American kitchens through the radio in 1960. She introduced the French cuisine to the American society which earned her the right to be in the historic backgrounds on culinary arts.

The first few historic backgrounds on culinary have opened the gates for more culinary schools all over the world. The year 1977 welcomed the California Culinary Academy. In 1980, it was the New England Culinary Institute’s turn to open. The French Culinary Institute followed suit and opened its doors too cooking enthusiasts in 1984.

Like any other school, the culinary schools also have their own accreditation organization. The ACFEI Accrediting Commission was put up in 1986 and was able to accredit five schools in the same year. This is an essential event in the historic backgrounds on culinary arts because this is going to drive the different culinary art schools to adhere to a set of standards.

Today, there are hundreds of schools boasting to teach people the best cooking methods and techniques. No wonder foods have become so diversified. Eating has never been more fun than tasting foods that we have never tasted before. The historic backgrounds on culinary arts have contributed greatly in letting us enjoy dining more so today than in the past.

No Child Left Behind – Developmental Steps to Success

No Child Left Behind school performance mandates have compelled educators to find the most effective ways to help developmentally challenged students overcome their learning difficulties and meet NCLB testing standards. Successful practices supported by body and brain research have emerged. Listed below are proven steps that help students achieve their learning potential, and gracefully meet No Child Left Behind goals.

NCLB Step: Integrate primitive reflexes. Learning is more difficult when clusters of prenatal and infant primitive reflexes go unintegrated. These survival reflexes automatically control the muscles; they are supposed to be replaced with postural reflexes giving voluntary control over movement. When left unintegrated, primitive reflexes make writing, reading, spelling and math more difficult. Symptoms resulting from retained reflexes include tight pencil grip, torn papers, poor penmanship, letter reversals, incessant wiggling, slouching, clumsiness, restlessness, lack of focus, attention deficit, erratic eye control, and more. Neurostimulation activities can integrate aberrant reflexes, helping students reach No Child Left Behind goals more effortlessly.

NCLB Step: Fully develop movement patterns. Children need to build a strong neurological foundation upon which learning can be built. Putting infants on their tummy frequently during waking moments strengthens a baby’s reaching, rolling, crawling, and creeping. Don’t rush this; allow plenty of time for neural networks connecting both sides of the brain to strengthen – these pathways will eventually be used for reading, writing, talking, and spelling. Replace television and inactive playtime with frequent, full-bodied movement activities, leading to NCLB mastery.

NCLB Step: Fortify the vestibular system. Located in the inner ear, vestibular structures connect to the eyes, ears, tactile, muscle/joint, and attentional systems. Lack of frequent stop-and-go activities, rolling, spinning, bouncing and balancing weaken this vital system, resulting in many learning challenges. Students with a ‘hypo slow’ vestibular system may have a sluggish attentional system, lack muscle tone to sit still, and weak visual and auditory processing skills essential for reading. At times they require big, bouncy, angular movements to fully attend. Students with a ‘hyper fast’ vestibular system are easily overwhelmed visually and auditorily. They may need to calm themselves with walking, rocking, or swinging. A weak vestibular system and learning disabilities often go hand-in-hand. Neurostimulation through frequent, intense, enduring activities strengthen the system, helping students reach NCLB goals.

NCLB Step: Strengthen sensory input. Initial learning arrives to the brain through the senses. Enhancing this neural delivery system through art, music, sports, play, drama, and other sensory activities will help students sharpen visual acuity and auditory processing skills required for reading, writing, spelling and math. Students having problems receiving, perceiving, and responding to sensory input, require organized sensory integration activities designed to bolster their senses, allowing them to best achieve NCLB learning goals.

NCLB Step: Reinforce motor output. Academic performance skills such as writing, reading, talking, and keyboarding all require a fine-tuned muscular system. Motor planning activities (e.g., hopscotch, sport skills) improve children’s ability to follow directions and solve problems. Hand-eye activities (e.g., catching a ball, assembling a puzzle) enhance the visual spatial system involved with spelling. Sequenced movements (e.g., Macarena dance) engage the cerebellum, strengthening automatic brain pathways needed to build implicit NCLB performance skills.

NCLB Step: Prime the body/brain. Pump neurochemicals that energize and calm the mindbody, creating optimal learning states. Large muscle movements create dopamine, a chemical essential to paying attention and carrying out frontal lobe functions needed to think. Serotonin, endorphin, adrenalin, and other chemicals can be produced through heightened physical activity to create feelings of well-being, raising focus, attention, motivation, and long-term memory. It has been estimated that 98% of the chemicals used by the brain to regulate feelings and manage cognition are produced within the body. Physical movement pumps these chemicals to the brain through the blood stream. Invigorated and focused – students have greater energy to pursue NCLB goals!

NCLB Step: Provide ample downtime. Essential! Learning consists of creating new synaptic connections between body/brain cells. These tiny gaps require downtime to fully adhere to the neurons they connect to. Balancing study time with downtime strengthens these new neural pathways. Reducing curriculum helps cut pack n’ stack, piling on facts, always staying on task. More art, music, theatre, physical  education , and other enriching downtime activities also help strengthen synapses, allowing students to master academics well beyond NCLB standards.

NCLB Step: Make leaning enjoyable! Many educators serious about reaching NCLB mandates have reduced leisure time learning activities allowing students to fully cultivate personal interests. Lock-step learning and hard discipline used to maintain control have reduced joyous, creative, celebrated learning. Making learning fun and relevant sparks the brain’s pleasure-reward circuits. Motivation increases, helping keen students reach NCLB learning goals with maximum effort.

Summary: Achieving No Child Left Behind mandates requires developmental and motivational approaches, helping the most challenged students resolve their learning difficulties through well-planned physical activity. Integrating primitive and postural reflexes, building the vestibular, sensory and motor systems, and creating ideal learning states using downtime, primetime, and enjoyable activities will build new, durable body/brain networks, helping students reach their learning potential and achieve NCLB goals in the most pleasant, vibrant, and fulfilling ways.

List of Greek Gods Goddesses


The god of wine and the grapevine predates the Greeks with an origin covering Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria, and even as far as Egypt. Firstly an agricultural god, this “deity of Mt. Nysa” was an early supreme being whose wild and riotous worship was famous all over the eastern sphere of the Mediterranean, the most notable form was the Thracian.


Orignally a Thracian and Trojan deity whose power and authority surpassed that of Zeus. Apollo stood for a multitude of classifications as: the god of prophecy; the beneficial god and protector from evil; the god of punishment and vengeance; the god of song and music; the god of flocks and cattle; the god of politics; the god of the Sun; and the god of the nether world.

Artemis (Diana)

The Greek goddess of the hunt hailed from the warlike regions of Asia Minor and in different versions depending on the locality she was worshipped. There was an Ephesian Artemis, the one identified in the Bible to Diana; a Taurian that received strangers thrown on the coast of Tauris as sacrifice; an Arcadian that hunted in the mountains with her nymphs; and the Trojan, as Apollo’s twin sister.

Zeus (Jupiter)

The Greek father of gods and men was originally not Greek but a Cretan import. According to legend, he was said to have been raced away to Crete as an infant by his mother Rhea to escape being devoured by his father Cronos. Since his pre-Hellenic times, bulls and goats were offered to him in sacrifice.


Like Zeus, she was a Minoan import. Later “Mother Goddess” cults entering Greece from Asia Minor, including one named Cybel, became identified with Rhean worship. In Greek mythology, she fled to Crete to give birth to Zeus for fear of the child being devoured by Cronos. Upon returning, to appease her hungry husband, she gave to him a stone inconspicuously wrapped up like the infant Zeus.


The second most powerful Greek god, ruler of the waters and earthquakes, was also not Greek. He was a principal Trojan deity who was said to have built the impregnable walls of Troy. The horses that naturally inhabited Troy gained him the Grecian impression as the god of horses.


Her worship came from that of the Phoenician sea goddess Astarte, known in the Bible as Ashtoreth. She was the wife of Ares, another alien god, with whom she bore the Amazons.


One of the most hated of the Greeks, Ares was a Thracian import. And like most Thracian import, he was savage and sanguinary: a character inherited by his descendants, the Amazons.


He is the only pre-Hellenic deity that received human sacrifices. In analogy to his name, he was known to eat his own children: a characteristic of time that destroys whatever it has created. He was deposed by Zeus, prompting him to flee to Italy as Saturn where he begins an agricultural golden age.

Should You Invest in an Aged Care Career?

Within Australia, the aged care industry is continuing to grow and develop. As this industry grows, many great opportunities for work are opening up. As the baby boomers continue to age, there is little doubt that this field will continue to grow in the future. If you’re looking for a new career that offers great potential, you may want to consider taking a good aged care course so you can get involved in this field. Here is a helpful guide that can provide great information so you can decide if you should invest in an aged care career of your own.

Benefits of Being Certified

Before you decide to get your certificate to it, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to choosing this route. One of the main benefits of getting your certification is that if offers a variety of flexible entry arrangements to the field. After you achieve your certificate, it becomes easy to get started in a good career. You also will find that there are many different career options you can follow when you are certified, giving you quite a few choices. Many people who get this certification find that work comes to them, helping them to avoid a long job search. You’ll also enjoy great job security, since the need for caregivers in this area will only continue to grow in the future.

Possible Career Options

After you take an aged care course, you’ll find that you have several possible career options to choose from. The course will prepare you to offer psychological, physical and social care to those with disabilities and elderly people. This allows you to work in private residences, communities and even nursing homes.

One potential career option is an assistant in nursing, which is a great option for those who want to work in an nursing home. For those who want to offer passionate and considerate care, a personal care assistant may be a great career. Community support workers can benefit from a course in aged care as well, since they work with those with disabilities, the elderly and their families. You may even want to consider a career as a home care assistant, which allows you to offer assistance and help to elderly patients that want to remain living at home.

Choosing the Right Course

If you decide you want to take a good aged care course, it can be tough to decide which training organisation to go with. To ensure you choose a quality course, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind. First, ensure the course is recognised nationally. Courses should also be at least 10-12 weeks in length. Make sure that practical training is offered as part of the course and that good work experience is offered. With a good course behind you, you can use your certificate to help you start a new and fulfilling career.

All About Beards and Mustaches

The hair that grows on a man’s face is called his beard. When he lets it grow long, he is said to have a beard. Hair that grows on the upper lip is known as a mustache. Beards and mustaches are out of style in the United States, where most men shave their faces clean, but a great many American men wore beards and mustaches until about fifty years ago. Abraham Lincoln wore a beard, and two of the most famous generals who commanded the Southern armies during the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, both wore beards, as did many other generals.

General A. E Burnside, one of the commanders of the Northern armies during this war, used to wear “side-whiskers,” or hair that grew down both sides of the face, while he shaved his chin. After the war many American men used to wear this kind of beard, which they called “burnsides.” A short, pointed beard on the chin, known as the “vandyke,” is still popular in France, where beards are much more common than in America. This beard is named after Anthony Vandyke, the great painter of Holland, who often painted men with short, pointed beards.

Napoleon III, who became emperor of France about a hundred years ago, used to wear a pointed tuft of hair on his chin and a stiff, straight mustache with waxed points. This pointed tuft of hair on the chin came to be called an “imperial,” and is still popular with some European men. Paintings of Jesus often show him with a short beard. The man who wears a beard is usually proud of it. To pull a man’s beard is often a deadly insult. In the Bible there is a story of how David, king of Jerusalem, sent friendly messages to Hanun, king of the Ammonites, a near-by tribe. Hanun shaved off half the beards of David’s messengers and sent them back to their king in disgrace. With their beards half shaven off the men were too ashamed to return to the king, so David allowed them to stay in a place called Jericho until their beards grew back. For this insult to his messengers and to himself, David made war on the Ammonites and destroyed them.

Egyptian Mummies – How to Make a Mummy

It’s thanks to beautifully preserved Egyptian mummies, and artifacts found in the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt that we’ve been able to learn so much about the life and culture of that magnificent land. But, why were the deceased preserved, and how exactly, were they mummified?

Why Preserve The Deceased?

Ancient Egyptians believed that not only the spirit, but also the physical body, was important for a successful journey through the afterlife. Consequently, great care was taken to preserve the body, and to surround it with everything the deceased would need in the Underworld.

Of course, this was purely the privilege of Kings and Queens, and the wealthy – not your ordinary Egyptian man-in-the-street. But, it’s nice to know that the Ancient Egyptians did have tremendous respect for animals, with mummified pets also being discovered in burial chambers.

How To Make A Mummy

The mummification process took quite a long time – anything from two to six months.

First of all, the internal organs would carefully be removed, with the exception of the heart. This was because the Ancient Egyptians believed the heart contained both spirit and senses, and would be needed on Judgement Day in the Underworld.

Once removed, the other internal organs – the lungs, liver, stomach, and intestine – would be cleansed, then placed into special preserving containers called canopic jars.

These jars were often ornately decorated, with unusual lids in the shape of an animal head, the latter representing the god responsible for protecting that particular internal organ. These jars would be carefully placed in the burial chamber, along with the mummy.

The brain was also removed from the deceased and then, the important process of drying the body would begin. Without this, the body would decompose. Preserving salts called natron, found in the Nile Valley, were used as the drying agent. Once the drying procedure was completed, the salts were removed, and the dried body wrapped in yards and yards of linen and resin.

Very often, the mummified body was dressed in clothing, jewelry, and masks, and it would be surrounded by anything and everything deemed necessary for its afterlife.

Where To Find Mummies

Nowadays, the mummies are no longer in their tombs, but in museums worldwide.

Just go along to places such as the British Museum, the Vatican Museum, the Luxor Museum, the Louvre, or museums in Berlin and Chicago to view superb examples of fascinating Egyptian mummies.

Registered Nurses Training

RN stands for registered nurse. They are people who get an accredited certification from any of the institutes and gets themselves registered in the state registry. A person who has finished the certification but is not registered in the state’s registry will not be considered to be one. There are number of registered nurses in the United States. They are more in number as compared to nurses working everywhere around the world. There has been a shortage of them over past years. What is contributing in this shortage it may be due to the huge work load that registered nurses have to encounter in this field? The work load is greater than that is taken from people in other professions. A survey was conducted in which it was shown that 50 % of works for registered nurses are hospital oriented. In health care field the large chunk of occupation is composed of registered nurses that are around 2.7 million registered nurses in United States alone. But this figure is gradually decreasing because of the immense work load.

Registered nurses are trained to perform a number of tasks. They have to assist doctors in every day procedures; they have to take care of patients. They have to deliver them injections. Registered nurses get this type of training in the institutions from where they have completed the certification. Apart from theoretical portion covered by the students they also have to complete the training hours that gives them a taste of practical work. They also are trained how to diagnose a disease by looking at the symptoms. They are a number of specialization from which these nurses can choose from. Unlike doctors who cannot change the specialization registered nurses can change and even do two or more specialization.

There are two types of nurses working under the registered nurses. One is LPN (licensed practical nurse) and the other one is nursing assistants. They have to supervise their work as well apart from doing their own. They train other nursing assistants under them how to deliver injections and how to take care of patients.

Though unlike nursing assistants who can get certification in one year’s time they have to get this certification in 4 years time that is equivalent to bachelor’s degree. After completing the bachelor’s degree they have to work like an intern for some years in any of the health care industry. There are unlimited options in occupation for them. The amount of work load performed by these nurses is very rewarding in return because they get a very handsome amount of pay. Surveys have been conducted in which it was shown that their pay is more than any occupation in the country. Moreover this field has tremendous room for growth. This is one field that is totally recession free. In recent financial crisis this was one field that stayed unharmed in recession and will always be safe from recession.

Physician Assistant Salary by Specialty

In 2012 the median physician assistant salary according to the US Department of Labor was $91,000. A salary range from $73,000 for the bottom 10% and $128,000 for the top 10% of earners includes physician assistants of all geographic locations and specialties of practice. Salary can range drastically depending on these two factors but the most telling influencer of salary for a physician assistant is level of education and specialty they focus on.

In general, a physician assistant with a specialty of cardiovascular surgery will earn more than working in primary care. This almost certainly has to do with the level of education one must complete to qualify to be a cardiovascular surgeon but also the scarcity of individuals qualified for that position puts a premium on their talent and they a usually paid accordingly.

Below we have a sampling of some of the more common specialty fields and their average salary.

  • Cardiovascular Surgery – $121,000
  • Emergency Care – $102,000
  • General Surgery – $95,000
  • Pediatric – $90,000
  • Primary Care – $88,000

As mentioned, the above are average salaries for physician assistants across all geographic locations and employer types. Those on the higher end of the salary scale tend to work in private physician offices with a specialty in cardiovascular or emergency surgery. Those on the lower end of the salary scale may work in an educational or government institution and focus on a more general area of medicine like primary care.

When speaking of geographic location, we’re talking about urban areas versus less populated regions. Many of the more specialized professionals are in higher demand in urban areas where the population is more dense and there are generally higher rates of need for emergency care due to crime rates and traffic accidents. More rural areas generally operate with smaller staff and smaller budget and transfer more specialized cases to larger facilities in more urban settings. That said, with many urban medical centers finding themselves overwhelmed with shrinking budgets and inability to meet the needs of the aging baby boom generation, more and more smaller facilities outside of urban areas are paying more and offering training programs to make their physician assistants more specialized and capable of meeting the local population’s needs without having to transport them to an urban center for treatment.

The majority of physician assistant graduates are entering the workforce in primary care but continuing their education and branching off into more specialized fields after achieving certifications for their preferred specialty.

Getting a Distance Learning Degree for Changing Careers

Many people who are interested in changing careers or in taking additional career training are a little put off by the idea of taking time off of work and returning to school, and this is where getting a distance learning degree can come in!

A distance learning degree will enable you to get an excellent  education  from the comfort of your own home, at the pace that you wish to study at, without quitting your job at all, and more and more people are taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

If you are interested in earning an online college degree and seeing how it can improve your job prospects for the better, you’ll find that there is a great deal of information that you can take a look at.

Many people have discovered that the degree that they originally got is not serving them as well as another would in their chosen profession, or they have realized that for them schooling beyond the high school level would be financially advantageous.

With renewed and relevant college training under their belts, an individual can expect to earn a significantly higher salary than he or she would be able to get without one, and the jump in monetary advantage due to simply getting an online degree can be impressive.

Getting a distance learning degree is something that many more colleges and universities are thinking about, when it comes to getting  education  out to students. While there are plenty of students who come to college or university directly out of high school, there are also plenty of non-traditional students to be found, and the colleges and universities are striving to meet their needs as well.

Through interactive mediums like forums, audio relay and video relay, students and teachers have found a practical and cost effective way to come together.

Many people were concerned at the beginning about the quality of a distance learning degree and of distance  education  in general at the beginning, but at this point, with more and more universities and colleges offering options in this vein, it is becoming an accepted form of scholarship.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to learn and study without needing to pay out of state tuition, or to travel, or quit your job. The act of getting an accredited online degree is often specifically meant to deal with the fact that you have work and family to be working with.

If you are considering changing careers and you are aware that you need more schooling to make it work, take a look and see what a distance learning degree can do for you. You’ll find that you have plenty of choices open to you, if only you know where to look.

Improving Your Students’ Attention Span

Wandering minds is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for any teacher. Children usually have a very short attention span and get very easily bored. It becomes difficult for a teacher to keep them alert and interested in the topic being discussed in class.

Children tend to fall asleep during the lesson or if you are lucky, they would probably just yawn loudly. But that’s not all they do. There are other various antics that your student can do. For instance, kids love passing out notes to their friends and, if you are unlucky enough, they will make a lot of noise and try to disrupt the class.

To increase their attention span, introduce a bit of humor into the subject or the topic that you are teaching. The students get a good laugh and also tend to become more interested in the subject. It is considered “cool” to be able to crack a good joke and your students would definitely look forward to more.

You could also make up or find out stories related to the subject and share them with the class. This would certainly keep your students engaged and they will also be able to learn better. You can prepare these stories the night before and make up characters that the kids would recognize on an ongoing basis.

Don’t turn your students into crammers and certainly do not ask them to take down numerous notes from the blackboard. This methodology is definitely going to put your students to sleep. Similarly avoid giving dictations, unless you are teaching grammar or spelling.

Using presentations, videos, photographs and even music to explain a topic or a subject is always a better idea. This keeps the students alert and engaged. Visual and auditory learning helps to increase the attention span of a child. The more they are drawn in, the better chance you have of getting through to them with the subject matter.

Involve your students in various activities like classroom projects, presentations, and other practical demonstrations. If the students themselves are involved in a lesson actively rather than just being a passive listener, they will learn better.

Taking your students out on a field trip once in a while is also very helpful. This gives them a chance to experience real life things rather than just reading textbooks. When giving them any examples, try to quote about people, things and incidents that they might relate to.

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