Instructivism Vs Constructivism

All students have been in instructivist classes where the instructor used lecture-based teaching. While many learners can learn in this environment, recent studies on how the brain learns suggest that a more effective method of teaching is constructivism. An explanation of both theories follows.

Instructivist Learning Theory

In the instructivist learning theory, knowledge exists independently of the learner, and is transferred to the student by the teacher. As a teacher-centered model, the instructivist view is exhibited by the dispensing of information to the student through the lecture format. This theory requires the student to passively accept information and knowledge as presented by the instructor. While this method has been the basis of  education  for centuries, it does have drawbacks, especially in the online class.

Constructivist Learning Theory

In the constructivist learning theory, the learner constructs new knowledge through a process of analyzing new information and comparing it to previous knowledge. Student-centered, rather than teacher-centered, the constructivist theory is best exemplified by instructors who provide guidance, rather than spoon feeding knowledge to the student in the lecture hall. The student is is control of whether or not he or she learns, not the instructor.

Constructivism helps students comprehend how they understand or know a topic. Interactions with a learning environment provide the stimulus for learning through cognitive conflict as learners continually compare new knowledge with old knowledge and make a determination concerning which is more valuable. Building a model, designing a chart, and completing a project are all examples constructivist learning activities.


Most K-12 teachers use instructivist methods. First year, traditional college students tend to prefer the passive learning style that instructivist methods engender. However, non-traditional, adult students are more proactive – possibly because these learners have discovered that they are in charge of their own learning. They tend to seek out learning opportunities needed to enhance performance in their jobs and hobbies. By incorporating constructivist activities, instructors and course developers can improve student learning.

Online Education Courses

You either lost your job or had to find something you’re not happy with just to pay the bills. The problem is everyone is struggling to get anything to make ends meet but nobody can be sure about ever getting back into their field or having any type of security. This is why many people will be turning to the internet for online education.


Find a business that offers online training like a University. Check out the business online and look for key positive reports from others who have been through the course.


Make sure about the period of the training compared to the cost. Beware of anyone who will build a web site and leaves you to figure out how to make it work.


You outsourced your web site and paid for it but where’s the traffic? Remember that drawing people to the web site is what the online education courses are all about; it could take time to capture the important leads you need to make money on.


Is your coach still with you once a week explaining new ideas on what is now working and what is going to work in the future? Is he dedicated to your success or his or her own.


Always offer your new customers something that will place their trust in you as the answer to their problems even if it was not beneficial to yourself. This will come later and will be more than worth the weight in gold at the end.


Remember, everyone’s dream is to make money at home, on the beach or while you sleep. If it was easy everyone would be successful. Be patient and don’t get frustrated, it will all come together in the near future. Online education courses will be a must for your success.

Pursue Higher Education Through Online Education Courses

Do you dream of pursuing college or a higher degree? Given the opportunity, all of us would surely want to pursue higher  education . However, instead of taking up further schooling, many graduates choose to focus on employment due to financial issues.

Today, however, an increasing number of schools and universities are offering short courses or vocational training programs. Aside from the fact that the course can be completed in a short span of time, students have the option to take up the course online for a more practical and convenient way of learning.

Nonetheless, some people may feel that using the internet as a platform for  education  is unrealistic and ineffective. Because pursuing higher  education  is a major decision, this  article  discusses the most important reasons on how taking up online  education  courses can help you.

Online Learning For Better Job Opportunities

Having the right set of knowledge, skills and training will surely open up more the job opportunities for you. Are you presently employed in a company? If yes, then perhaps you are also striving for a higher position. In this case, taking up an online course will enhance your portfolio and may just be what you need to reach the next level in your career.

Yes, continuing an  education  course online is not just for fresh graduates of high school. It is also for people who want to improve in their chosen career paths. In fact, that is the very reason why online vocational  education  is increasingly becoming popular these days. As the industry battles with the recent economic slump, people are finding ways to survive and lessen the impact of recession.

Even professionals have the chance to switch to a new career path if their industries have been affected by the economic slump. By continuing an  education  course online, they have the opportunity to explore other fields of industries.

Continuing  Education  Course Online

Clearly, anyone can apply for an online  education  course. Whether you want to continue to a higher  education  or you simply want to build-up your resume, you can choose an online learning program at any time.

Search the internet and you will find a lot of different universities offering online  education  programs for associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, vocational courses and certifications.

If you had to give up your schooling in a traditional setting for any reason, such as illness, injury or physical disability, you have the chance to continue through online studies. If your schooling has been interrupted because you relocated to a new State or migrated to another country, you can still continue your  education  regardless of where you are.

Finally, people who are after personal improvement or those who want expand to a new field of expertise is free to acquire additional  education  through online set-up. The biggest advantage of taking up an online  education  course is that the student can pick a schedule that works best for their situation. Whether an employee, a business owner, a mother with kids, a college grad, or a high-school graduate, continuing  education  online offers you the opportunity to earn a degree at your own time and pace.

Doctor in Philosophy Degree – Education at Its Peak

 Education  is of the essence for every individual. It is a means where our personality and totality as a person is formed. It is a fact that we are judged and recognized in the community by the success we have achieved and by the  education  we have accomplished. In school, we go through different levels of learning. As we climb one step in the educational ladder, we acquire a lot of knowledge and develop our own skills. We discover our own weaknesses and strengths in the different areas that we are faced. As time goes by, we are even more encouraged and we feel the unending eagerness to learn more and fill up our mental capacity.

The Doctor in Philosophy or PhD degree is considered as the most prestigious academic honor one can achieve. After pursuing a masters degree, the next level of  education  is the doctorate degree. This degree entails more responsibility, paper work, research and completion of the full course of the chosen discipline. Years of experience is needed to be able to end up with this degree. It takes genuine commitment and passion on the chosen field for someone to decide to continue on with the PhD program. The decision of persevering on a main goal of earning a doctoral degree despite of all the efforts and time spent will surely pay off in the end.

The birth of internet classes has enabled everyone to grab the opportunity of availing the online PhD programs. It gives everyone an equal chance to be recognized as one of the world’s pioneer in the chosen area. The development of online doctoral programs is proven to provide everyone the privilege to make a mark in one’s career. There are hundreds of accredited online PhD programs where one can have a pick of the most suitable program for them.

Online  education  is a very convenient means of continuing learning while working. Plan of working in a current job position is still a possibility. Time for family and friends can still happen as long as there is no neglect in finishing the course of the online PhD programs. In general, you can manipulate and manage your own time. You are in control of your own schedule without the hassle of campus classes.

Employment and compensation for PhD graduates is very tempting. A PhD degree is the most distinguished graduate degree that a lot of employers open their doors and accommodate people with such an academic honor. Highest positions are available for persons having the title of a PhD such as professors, researchers and consultants who are part of the financial planning in large and progressive companies and countries.

Deep inside of us, we have the desire to reach the peak and go beyond what we thought was impossible but can really happen. If we have the craving to increase our knowledge and we aspire to reach the peak of our success, getting a degree of Doctor in Philosophy is truly far from impossible.

Continuing Education for Nurses

Do you feel that you will learn enough from this article to help you out with the subject matter at hand?

You have glossed prepare. You found a job that allows you to use your skills. Now your supervisor desires you to take more instruct?

You read that right. More instruct. Nurses at all levels are likely to take a certain quantity of continuing  education  group hours each year to redeemer for their cards. Each country rewordings how many hours you will want to take over a two-year point Michigan requires 25, while California asks for 30.

The polite thing is; it is very calm to find continuing  education  instruct. Many sickbays proffer on-place instruct for boundless. Which, while rapid and miserly, aren’t necessarily fun. Don’t exceed your sickbay’s continuing  education  instruct, however. Thirty hours may not look that greatly over two times, but between work and life, it can look endless.

If you feel that you haven’t learned anything new thus far, there is a whole new realm of information in the rest of this article.

Commune colleges, universities, trade prepares, and online universities proffer instruct throughout the year. If you want to take instruct through an external basis such as these, just make really the prepare is accredited by an organization that qualifies for your card. (You can read more about accreditation here.)

There is one other way to get continuing  education . This way takes more time, and is regularly the most luxurious. However, it is also the most fun. Medicinal conferences regularly proffer continuing  education  tracks throughout the instruct. What is so fun about that? Medicinal conferences cultivate to be in great trip areas such as Las Vegas and Hawaii. After you take some hours of instruct, you can think genuinely on what you’ve erudite on a shoreline or by a band.

The best choice will depend on you. Just reassemble to reach your continuing  education  out over each louse really point.

Featured Online nurture educates For Continuing learning:

Nurture quantity Programs: BS in nurture

The single of knowledge in nurture measure is usually judged a level requirement for registered nurses (Ron’s) seeking broader professional responsibilities and worrier opportunities. Cachet University’s single of knowledge in nurture instruct enables Ron’s to absolute the  education  wanted to enhance their skills to better touch the stress of serene worry and temper for new opportunities in specialized nurture and divestment fields. A spinster’s measure in nurture is elemental for those ration in basis boss and supervisory positions, and the instruct is also a brilliant foundation for those wishing to pursue rate nurture studies.

Continuing learning Programs:

* The official Nurse Consulting instruct is for registered nurses who want to pursue opportunities with law firms or impart independent study. The instruct teaches nurses to study and study checkup report, complete checkup and official examine, locate and interview authority witnesses, and assist attorneys with prehardship and hardship actions.

* Forensic nurture – harness your nurture skills in an investigative location. You will learn to connect the causes of injuries, assemble verify and submit victims to chase-up worry. This instructs can be absolute inside 12 months.

* Life mind forecast – Nurses interested in ration individuals with significant disabilities or constant wellbeing worry evils should judge Life mind forecast.

* Defense Management – If you are interested in promoting feature, detriment-effectual wellbeing worry and person army for serenest and their families, judge fitting a basis boss. Learn to complete assessments, conduct examine, study figures, and chart and direct army and worry. By earning a Cachet University certificate, you can exclusive employment opportunities in diverse and pleasing rehearsal areas, with acute and long-word worry facilities, people’ compensation carriers, directed worry organizations, and person army agencies.

If you have found our database of information on this subject useful, read some of our other topics as well.

Why Online Education Is Inexpensive

Online  education  takes place in an electronically stimulated environment without direct contact between the teacher and the student. In this method, you can choose any subject of study, even if it is not available in your country as this is conducted beyond the frontiers of nations. All you need is a computer with internet connection and access to the online schools, universities or private tutors who offer you  education . Usually, you will be provided with a unique code to input and get into the class room.

There are two types of online  education . One is real time learning and the other one is any time learning. Real time learning involves immediate broadcasting of the lessons. You must be present before the computer with a head phone and mike. In this, you can ask your doubts and get them cleared immediately. You will also be given tests and assignments to assess your ability before the course completion certificate is offered. The other type is, the teaching will be in the form of recorded lessons that could be downloaded to your system and learn at your ease. This gives you time flexibility. However, if you have doubts, you may mail them to get clarified.

An online  education  program is a lot less expensive to maintain compared to what is required to pay for instructors and training personnel in the classroom style. This lets the user learn the subject at his own pace. Learniers could go through the learning materials at his own speed and sequence. Intelligent students need not wait for a long time to finish the course as in the conventional type of learning.

Learner can work from any location at any time. Learning materials could be updated easily and quickly. While you learn online, you can get increased retention and stronger grasp of the subject as the learning materials presented are rich in quality with animation, text, video, virtual environments and three dimensional pictures. Especially those who are employed could make use of this facility to learn at their leisure.

A classroom can accommodate only a particular number of students. But in online  education , any number of students can be accommodated in virtual classrooms. There is age bar in its admission. As you need not travel to the place of  education , you save time, energy and money and could learn while enjoying the comfort of your home. But you should be careful not to fall a prey to bogus universities and spend some time before selecting your school of study.

Latino Facts And Education

Latino’s in America are the fastest significant population of students. 1986 to 1995, Latino’s have dramatically increased in percentage in Elementary and Secondary. White American has decreased, while the majority of black students remained the same in percentage. Latino’s are improving their status of Education over the decades. Between White American and Latino’s approximately the range is about the same.

Whites and Blacks enroll to pre-primary programs more so then Latino’s. They are less likely to enroll their children in pre-primary programs. In 1996 one in five Latino’s (22.1%) was enrolled to a pre-primary program compared to (58.8%) of whites and (67.8%) out of ten blacks. In 1986 four years old were less than half (45.3%) of Latino’s enrolled in a pre-primary program, among five years old that enrolled at 90.4% in a kindergarten program.

Although Latino have increased in educational programs they tend to surpass their gifted talents of overall enrollments (1994 Latino’s reached 12.7%) Latino’s do account for 80.2% talented and gifted population. About 9-11 years of age in later years of education Latino’s are more likely to be retained in grade, more so then White, less likely than Blacks. Latino’s from 15-17 years of age are more likely to be below modal grade than Blacks or Whites.

In the past two decades Latino’s increased enrollment population in predominantly minorities Schools. (Increased by 68.1 to 74.0% from 1980-95) They are less likely to graduate school due to isolation compared to Blacks and Whites among 16-24 years of age. In 1996 the status dropout rate was 29.4% more than Blacks and Whites.

Furthermore they were less likely to enroll in a college program and less likely to obtain a degree. In 1997 among 25-29 years old who have completed high school (53.9%) more likely than Blacks.

Now in 1998-99 adult population increased in graduating from high school at the age of 25 and over at 56.1% of Latino’s. A current survey of Latino population and education states Population growth and economic condition means that demand for higher education is strong. In 2000 minorities in the state of Florida and public schools alone is at 46.7% poll of students landing in 8th place nationwide with the most minority students. Colleges came in at 37.5%, Adults with high school or G.E.D 63.3 Latino’s, employment increases in Florida from 1991-2001 (17.8%) 1.3million. Latino Bachelor degrees awarded to 14.0% in 2000 Florida state. Latino’s in College increased at 21.0% in Florida.

Since 2000 Latino education is quickly increasing and has become an important factor for many nationwide.

Regardless of race, color, ethnicity or gender we all deserve a good educational program for a better future. Also minority students are needed to maintain diverse student population. In most recent class 2002-03 minorities comprise of 37.3% all new students and 23.8% of all new graduate students in Florida. In 2004 we have generated a bigger population of Latino’s in Florida wanting and needing higher education. Now starting a New Year Latino’s need to continue to excel in higher education program, therefore continue to research on growing. If you have a dream follow it, for anything is possible with acquired time.

Education System in Australia

Which countries come to your mind when you think of studying abroad? US, UK or New Zealand etc. We cannot deny the fact that US and UK are the most preferred locations but how many of you have a given a thought to study in Australia?

Today Australia has emerged as one of the best  education  destinations for international students due to its high- quality and excellent  education  system. Australia comes into the category of developed nations and it has strong economy, well planned infra structure and less population. It is mandatory for Australian citizens and residents to receive  education  for 11 years at least. Therefore the literacy rate is very high in Australia which has made it a haven for students to get superior  education . Australia has remarkable number of colleges and universities which offer a wide range of courses and programs thus you get plenty of choice in  education . You get multiple opportunities to learn when you study abroad besides your future also get an assurance of security. Studying in Australia can teach you various things about its art and culture, history, people, lifestyle etc.

It would be not wrong to comment that Australian  education  system is considered one of the best around the world. Australian government itself monitors the quality of the courses being used in the universities and the teaching methods that are being adopted there. The universities in Australia has one of the well qualified teaching staff who are high professionals and experienced in their department. You need not have to spend heavily for this hi-tech  education , it is very much suitable for your pocket.

To apply in Australian university you may also consul overseas  education  consultants. These people guide you very well at very nominal fees. You may also refer Internet for any updated information regarding Universities.

After acquiring a degree from an Australian University your future prospects become brighter. You could also get a campus placement in an MNC if you are able get through with the interview rounds. The Australian degrees are recognized all over the world and if you are a hardworking individual then you could easily get a break through in any reputed organization. This is to be noted here that  education  in Australia is economical than US, UK and other European countries. Besides this, cost of living is also affordable as compared to other countries. Students who have a strong desire to study abroad but are not financially sound then Australia is just apt for their  education .

Universities in Australia also give students freedom to do part time jobs up to 20 hrs. a week and full time during summer vacations. In this way you gain work experience besides earning some money to support yourself. However, you must have student and work visa permit to do so.

Some of the popular universities of Australia are- Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Victoria University and University of Canberra.To get into these prestigious Australian Universities it is mandatory to score well in IELTS. You must also have student visa else you will not be permitted to take admission in any Australian University.

After you complete your studies from any renowned Universities of Australia there are countless of job opportunities awaiting for you. The Australian Degrees are accepted around the world therefore you would find many employment options. This is true study abroad lures a lot of students but you must do your homework very well by browsing Internet and read all the procedures required in Australian Universities to safeguard your interest.

Online Training – A Virtual Education

Online training can be considered a virtual education and can be the most practical type of education for you. Practical because it is not done in a classroom, it is done through the internet. The reasons that online training is becoming more popular are, first of all, a person does not have to travel to a school, college or any place of studies. The convenience that provides to a potential student is enormous. Another reason that online courses are popular is the fact that there are online training courses offered on the internet for almost anything that you want to study. One other obvious reason is that online courses can be less expensive than the tuition that traditional higher learning institutes charge.

eLearning courses, for the most part, can be considered online courses also. They are courses that are taught using methods that are based on technology. The most popular method would be by using a computer and the internet. University and colleges use e-learning courses as well as companies who want their employees to continue learning while on the job. The fact that universities use e-learning courses as a way of teaching, practically eliminates the face to face contact that a traditional classroom has. Communication between the teacher and the student is done through the internet by using text based applications such as PDF, HTML and PowerPoint. There are video based courses that are presented through internet video streaming or applications like Windows Media Player or real Player.

Online computer training is a subject that you can find offered via the internet. What better subject to learn about because of the fact that you are using a computer to read this on the internet? Subjects such as Office, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Outlook, Windows and many, many more are offered as courses for online computer training. Have you ever thought of creating your own website but have no experience at all? If so, there is an online course that will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. In most cases, online computer training courses allow you to train at your pace which makes it a very practical source of education. Especially for the student who may have limited time on their hands.

If you are a person who is wanting to learn another job skill, brush up on their computer skills or wants to higher their education, online training courses or elearning courses might be the way to do just that.

Music Education Programs Online

Online schooling opportunities are accessible to students who are looking to obtain a degree in music. There are numerous schools and colleges that offer online degree training in the field of music. Students can prepare for the career they desire by enrolling in a number of online schooling programs. Music education programs online allow students to prepare for careers in music therapy, technology, education, and more. Students may have the chance to study courses such as music theory, composition, instruments, performance, and much more depending on the level of degree. Online degrees in music are available at an associate’s, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree.

An associate’s level degree can be obtained after completion of a two year program with an accredited online school. Acquiring an associate’s degree can give students the ability to pursue careers related to the music industry. With an associate’s degree students will be able to find employment in media production, music recording, musical journalism, and more. Students who choose to enroll in an online educational program can learn about:

  • music theory
  • history
  • songwriting

…and other related subjects. With an accredited associate’s degree program students will gain the skills to pursue a bachelor’s degree or enter the workforce.

Accredited online schools are available to offer educational training at a bachelor’s degree level. A bachelor’s degree can take around four years to complete for those looking to study music. Curriculum may vary depending on the students desired career outcome but may consist of courses in production, theory, performance, instruments, and more. Students who earn an accredited bachelor’s degree will obtain the skills and knowledge needed to work as music directors, instrument designers, band directors, and more. A degree at a bachelor’s level will allow students to pursue higher education and earn a masters degree if they desire.

There are numerous schools that offer accredited online master’s degree programs which allow students to acquire skills in a variety of areas. A master’s degree in music can take students an additional year depending on their specialization and educational goals. Online coursework may consist of studying music history, sound, recording, technology, and other courses. With a masters degree program students can train to become music teachers, musical historians, musicologists, researchers, and more. Certificate programs can also be completed online after obtaining a masters degree if students choose to acquire specialized education.

A doctorate program in music can also be earned through a number of online educational programs. Students can complete career training at this level with an additional two years of study. Accredited schools and colleges allow students to study subjects like sound technology, musical recording, genres, instrument repair, teaching, and other areas of study. Online programs train students for careers like music coordinator, music therapist, band director, music teacher, and other related professions. With a doctorates degree students can pursue the career of their dreams.

With accredited degrees and certificates available from various online music schools and colleges students can train for a career without leaving home. Accredited online educational prospects present a way for students and professionals to obtain the career training they desire. The National Association of Schools of Theatre ( accredits schools that provide the best educational training. Pursuing an online education in music gives students the opportunity to train in the areas that interest them most. By enrolling in the program that best fits their needs and goals students can start the path to an exciting new career today.

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